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Menopause is a Gift

Thank you for taking part in this article which was born from a brilliant conversation we had over coffee not long ago… the topic of menopause came up, as it often does with me.

11 Jul 2023
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Bohemian HR Flex - Our Interim HR model

Bohemian HR Flex - Our Interim HR model. We thought we would ask our Founder Jenny a few questions about our HR Interim Service.

15 Mar 2023
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Menopause & The Workplace

While there is growing awareness of the impact that “the menopause” can have on women, the true costs, both direct and indirect, associated with this natural transitionary phase in a female’s life are not yet…

25 Oct 2022
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The Menopause … Time for a Rebranding?

Menopause is Inevitable… how we handle it isn’t… Credit Dr Louise Newson BSc(Hons) MBChB(Hons) MRCP FRCGP, Founder of The Menopause Charity and the Menopause Support App, BALANCE.

18 Oct 2022
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MovementBASI Pilates as a Movement of Choice by Wendy Gray from Wonder Health & Wellbeing In our last BLOG we introduced the 4 Pillars of Health & Wellbeing, and Movement & Exercise as one of those foundational…

5 Oct 2022
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4 Pillars of Health & Wellbeing

Simple steps that will improve your Health & Well-being and unlock Happiness! With HEALTH being a pre-requisite to HAPPINESS, there are simple steps we can take to improve our health and thereby take control of our…

29 Sep 2022
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