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An HR Recruitment and Consulting firm led by Jenny Armstrong. Here to help you secure the right HR solution, first time.

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We love to partner with People Directors, Chief People Officers, and Business Leaders, providing recruitment and consultancy services to help you maximise business performance, engagement, and culture.

We like to partner with you, we are values led and here to help you.

With over 25 years of experience and an unrivalled network of talent, Bohemian HR excels at securing reputable Senior and Executive HR professionals to support your people needs.

We are passionate about the workplace, believing there are more than one way to provide HR services and solutions to a resource need within a business. 

At Bohemian HR, we want to offer our customers flexibility when it comes to the HR solution, ensuring it fits into their own business and personal requirements.

We will do a cultural deep dive with you to understand your business and be clear on your requirements, often challenging you in your thinking, and approach, to ensure you are following the right path for your organisation.

The challenges for business leaders are huge with so many conflicting demands. Now, more than ever, businesses will need a more strategic or specialist focus to support their people and change agenda through these ever-changing times.

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Meet Jenny





Jenny is passionate about the world of Human Resources, and has her own relationship led style and approach. She has people in her network she has known for over 20 years and supported them as both client and candidate over and over, a real testament to the way she works. Jenny credits this relationship management to her ability to get to know her customer not just on a skill or organisational level but on a more personal level, understanding more clearly their life drivers, values and passions. This focus on the person allows her to match people more closely to clients and makes her own job much more enjoyable.

Jenny has always said that there is more to recruitment that just filling the job, ‘we are helping people create a change in their lives, this is an honour and should be treated as so’.  

Jenny founded Bohemian HR in 2021 after 20 years in the corporate world of HR Recruitment and Consulting. She lost her sister suddenly and she states that she gained clarity through her grief and knew that this was what she had to do.

Bohemian HR supports clients predominantly in the Aberdeen and London markets. Her service offerings are HR Search, Interim and Consulting and describes herself as sector agnostic.


What makes us different?

Read our blog about who we are and how we incorporate the five pillars of well-being into how we work. 

Our values

Our company values form the fundamental pulse of our business; they embody our character and serve as a pledge to our customers. We want to make an impactful difference on both our clients and candidates' lives.

We Care

We Care

We care about your success with our people-first approach. We don't see ourselves as just another business, but rather a team of individuals who truly care about our customers. Our mission is to help you achieve your full potential by providing tailored HR solutions. We're passionate about our work and always maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

We are Curious

We are Curious

We're like a detective on the case, constantly curious and eager to learn. We want to get inside our customers' heads, to really understand their unique culture, values, and what makes them tick. So, we're always listening and on the lookout for what they're really after, no matter how hidden it might be!

We are passionate

We are Passionate

We are a passionate and driven team ready to deliver the best to you! We are a force to be reckoned with! We put in the hard work and are driven by a mission to make magic happen. With an enthusiastic and energetic spirit, we are committed to providing our customers with nothing but the best!

We are Kind

We are Kind

We operate with a core value of kindness, which we uphold in all our endeavors. Its our team's secret ingredient. It's the shining star we sprinkle on everything we do. Our mission is to be approachable, generous with our time, and always thoughtful towards everyone we meet.

What our candidates say

When Jenny messaged me on LinkedIn to engage with me regarding the role, I felt a very different connection than other previous recruitment companies. Jenny was personal and invested in me and was keen to understand my journey and where I wanted to move to. This was a very nice experience.

Chris Wicks

Having been involved in many recruitment processes from both sides of the table, this was among the best processes I have seen. Communication was good, timelines were efficient, and there was friendly professionalism throughout

Donald MacKay

Jenny has a very personal approach to recruitment which was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the bigger recruitment consultancies.

Phil Harrison

Jenny reached out to me when I was looking for my next role. She was honest, warm, and friendly and just made me feel so comfortable

Pippa Byrne