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What makes us different?

19 May 2021

Bohemian (n.) Gypsy.  Wanderer.

A person, musician, artist or writer who lives a free, spirited life and believes in truth, freedom and love.


Jenny has worked in HR recruitment for over 20 years, agency for 16 of those and also in an HR Consultancy.   She has helped shape teams, set up offices, grow business streams and sourced hundreds of HR professionals for businesses across the UK.  She loves what she does and felt it was time to work and support her clients, taking all the great things she has done and learned over the years and shape it with a little more ‘Jenny’.

In a nutshell, during 2020/21 Jenny moved onto a houseboat, on an island, with her son, boyfriend and puppies.  She enjoys a way of life she once dreamed of, and one which she would describe as Bohemian, unconventional, creative, and free.   Jenny now wants to help other people realise these dreams for themselves, whatever that may look like.   There is more to recruitment that just filling the job, we are helping people create a change in their lives, this is an honour and should be treated so.  

Jenny is passionate about recruitment, and has her own style and approach, which is relationship led.   She has people in her network she has known for over 20 years and supported them as both client and candidate over and over, a real testament to the way she works.   Jenny credits this relationship management to her ability to get to know her customer not just on a skill level but on a more personal level, understanding more clearly their life drivers, values and passions, allowing her to more closely match people to jobs. 

When researching the business, Jenny was thinking about the things that are important to her, and what would be the values she would form the business against. She came up with the following four core values: We Care, We are Curious, We are Passionate and We are Kind.

“The most stressful thoughts in people’s minds relate to work. For this reason, it makes ethical sense that employers should shoulder some of the responsibility of taking care of their people and reducing their stress levels. It also makes good business sense." - Engage for Success

Jenny feels, it is not only ethical for employers but also for recruiters to be considering the whole person.  If we at Bohemian HR, can support HR professionals into the right jobs, that not only match their skills but also their life goals, values, drivers and passions, we are able to support the creation of a happier, healthier workplace and a better place to live.

We are a recruitment business, we find and fill jobs, and we do that well, we have extensive experience of leading search mandates, building interim project teams and sourcing your top talent, but by working with these 4 key areas we can ensure we look and feel different.

We want to work with clients who believe in the importance of well-being, who are committed to creating diverse, inclusive, happy and fulfilled workforces, who want to drive a new agenda and help create a better world to work and live.  Lets do this together - get in touch today.

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