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Bohemian HR Flex - Our Interim HR model

15 Mar 2023

Bohemian HR Flex - Our Interim HR model.

We thought we would ask our Founder Jenny a few questions about our HR Interim Service.

Jenny, tell us a little about our Interim service, why do we offer it?.

Over the last 20 + years my career has been focused mainly on interim and temporary HR recruitment, so it makes sense that it is our primary service.

Interim recruitment is about supporting a client to fill an immediate need. The need tends to be urgent, requiring the HR professional to go in and hit the ground running. During what is panning out to be a busy and complex 2023 for a lot of businesses, a more flexible or specialist focus is being considered: leading complex projects, leading a change or transformation, HR Initiatives, Organisation Design, Development, M&A, high level ER, or simply covering a Director level maternity or permanent vacancy.

As a supplier, I need to ensure I have people I know and trust to deliver the work to a high standard and have access to them quickly. During an assignment I like to be in contact with both candidate and client before and during the assignment to ensure everything is running efficiently. 

You can tell you are passionate about this space, why?

The reason I love this so much, and honestly, I do, is the pace at which you work, and the strength of relationships you build with your clients. I have placed people in extremely powerful and influential seats, changing the landscape of how a business will be run and designed moving forward. This is fascinating to be part of, to be the one to supply that person, who has made change for the better, and hear the success post placement.

How do you ensure you have the best Interims available?

I have been in this HR marketplace for over 20 years nurturing a high-quality database, with some people who have been dedicated customers for many years. We have an impressive array of HR professionals and I have been meeting exceptional talent for as long as I remember.  To bring this to life, we boast some of the strongest HR and Reward Directors out there from a range of sectors, with both UK and Global exposure, we have a solid pool of Organisational Design professionals, I have interviewed top notch Heads and Directors of Talent and am very impressed by the quality of HR Change and ER professionals we have access to. We are working hard to meet new talent all the time and are always receiving referrals from our network. 

What can our clients expect from you should they call you for support?

We can provide commercial, fit for purpose, solutions for our clients to any challenge within the realm of HR. Our clients can expect a friendly voice, a positive approach, a sense of urgency without being impatient, open conversation, questions, solutions, and a quick turnaround – oh and ideally a coffee.

So, as you can tell, Jenny is very excited about our Interim offering.  If you are a leader with a pressing HR challenge keeping you awake at night, or an Interim HR professional looking for a new opportunity, please do Contact us

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