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The unconventional

Flexible HR

The ad hoc interim model for small businesses.  Have the HR expertise you need for as long as you need it. Help with a start-up, support a new HR Manager as a mentor, work on a key project or act as a trusted adviser to the CEO.

Our HR Consultants that chose to work with Bohemian HR live and breathe our values.  We are able to provide you access to resources, data, and insights to help you solve the challenges of an evolving and growing workforce.  We can provide you with the foundations for success and ensure you as a business have the right people, and a healthy culture.


Talent Attraction

One of the top challenges we discuss with CEOs of start-ups, HR Directors, and Heads of Talent alike, is their recruitment challenges and managing the peaks and troughs of the year.

We can provide you with just one or a team of Talent Acquisition professionals to support you with your recruitment needs. We have extensive experience in running and leading recruitment functions and can quickly offer you cost-effective solutions to ensure you hit your target numbers.

We don’t tie you into long-term agreements, we offer you a fully flexible solution that can be scaled up or down at short notice. We have a solid understanding of the current market across a range of sectors, and access to an array of systems and processes to help fine-tune your offering.

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We are passionate about championing our health and well-being. We have made a commitment to ourselves to always be here to help others access the information they need.  We have actively looked for partners to support this cause, detailed below are some of the services available.

Menopause workshops and coaching

A workshop created in partnership with Wendy Gray from Wonder Health and Wellbeing.  This workshop allows you to bring your teams together and be empowered and energised to put in place sustainable changes and to learn about the different ways we can support ourselves and each other as individuals and at organisation level.

Wendy is an advocate for a HEALTHY & HAPPY Menopause… empowering women to take control of this potentially complex stage of life.  She is driven to enable menopause-friendly workplaces and homes! 

Wellbeing Consultants

We can provide you access to Wellbeing Consultants for short- or long-term projects.

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